If you’r like me just a year ago, you may be asking; “WHAT IS A PAGEANT PLATFORM?”. Well the pageant platform is a cause that a pageant contestant chooses to volunteer her time to either bring awareness to, raise money, or implement a program she has created that will help address a problem. These pageant queens and contestants that we have worked with are some incredibly remarkable young women and we are proud to dedicate this page to help them raise awareness for their platforms.

Addie Rose Castleberry

Miss Arkansas Jr. high School America


The ROSES Project

As a title holder in the Miss High School America Organization I am so passionate and honored to spread my national anti-bullying platform B.R.A.V.E, which stands for Building Respect And Values for Everyone.

In addition to BRAVE, I am also so excited to tell you about my personal platform, The ROSES Project, which stands for Recognizing Others in Showing Examples of Service! What I do with this project is once a month I choose an individual in our community who shows kindness, compassion, excellent volunteerism, and who is a great example of my national platform B.R.A.V.E, and I honor them with a beautiful bouquet of roses. I have always loved flowers, especially roses, and I think volunteers in our community should be recognized and honored for the many ways they help make a difference in and touch people’s lives.

I believe that honoring people for their love and compassion will plant a seed of kindness that will grow, bloom, and blossom in our community, state, and world! Throughout this project I hope to spread kindness and a love of volunteerism one stem at a time!





You can sit with us…

Who would of thought that five little words would have such a powerful impact on someone’s life.

When I was crowned Miss Arkansas High and adopted their national anti bullying platform I’ll be very honest it was something a little out of my realm. I had my own personal platform and non profit I had been involved with and busy with for years and it had very little to do with the topic of bullying. As I began to speak to schools, civic organizations, church groups, etc on the topic I began to realize that not only was this a very wide spread topic but also a very in depth topic and one that did not end when I left the place I was speaking.

One day I was at a school speaking and a 2nd grade little girl walked up to me huge tears in her eyes and told me her story of being bullied everyday of her school year and I realized then two things number one I could not leave that school with some basic tips on how to prevent bullying and that be my only contribution and two it was up to me to have some type of follow up program to make sure that her schools days were different from that day forward. That’s the day “You can sit with US’ was born.

You can sit with us is a mentor program for kids that struggle socially. My goal is to have a mentor in every school across the state of Arkansas by the end of my reign and I would like to carry this program nationally. The name of this program came from a personal experience in my family actually when my brother was in middle school there was a new student that started at his middle school who did not speak to anyone was socially removed, very shy, etc. My brother and a friend reached out to him one day at lunch and simply said “you can sit with us” and he did. Little did we know until some time later that this boy had relocated from across the state to be placed with his father in our town because his mom had committed suicide, he too was contemplating suicide and he had not spoken in weeks until he started sitting at this lunch table with my brother and his friends. The principal called my mom in several weeks later and told her that if my brother had not reached out they felt the outcome for this boy would have been much different. To this day as Juniors in college they are best friends. Those 5 words and kindness changed someone’s life.

It has become my personal journey and passion to not just put a stop to Bullying but to ensure that there are mentors in place so these kids always have a safe place and someone to confide in.